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Please note that you don't add all the maple syrup into the batter, hold out two tablespoons for the finish. This should be reflected in the directions, which it isn't.


This sounds delicious but it has the increasingly common baking direction that leaves me perplexed. Why on earth do you butter a pan only to line it with parchment and then butter that? Could any better than me bakers explain the benefit of this? I was out of parchment last week and made the maple pumpkin bread in a buttered pan and I thought it came out beautifully. Thanks!


While it was baking, I looked at other corn bread recipes and saw that this one has about 3x the sugar of a typical recipe. I just tried a couple of bites and the sweetness is overwhelming.


I loved this moist flavorful bread! opted to expand to 1.5 x to take advantage of full 15 oz can of pumpkin, and respected the advice to curtail the sweetness. I used an 8 x 12 “ baking pan and veered away texturally by using course cornmeal and some whole oats. These were my measurements:1.25 stick butter 140g course cornmeal 75g oats 155g unbleached flour 1.5 tsp B powder 1 1/8 tsp salt 3/4 tsp B soda2 eggs1/2 c br sugar1 1/2 c pumpkin 3/4 c buttermilk 1/2 c salted pumpkin seeds


Loved the idea of this, but looked cloyingly sweet. I multiplied most ingredients x1.5 (this also means you use a whole. can of pumpkin puree); used two smallish eggs, 0.5 cups maple syrup and 0.5 cups loosely packed brown sugar. Baked in 9X13 inch pan at 350 for 30 minutes. Fantastic. Plenty sweet and there'll be leftovers for tomorrow.


Just baked this in a trial run for Thanksgiving and it is wonderful. It has a lovely crumb and flavor - delicious. I live at 5300 ft so made the following high altitude adjustments: Decreased baking powder to 1/2 tspDecreased baking soda to scant 1/2 tspUsed 1 and 1/2 eggs Took quite a bit longer to bake so I tented the edges with foil after 25 minutes to let the center fully cook


My guess has always been you do the first butter so the parchment sticks to the pan, which then makes it easier to butter the parchment, but I've always agreed it seems like over kill when recipes call for this.

Rebecca T.

I made this with only a few adjustments: I put in some wheat bran and only used 120 grams of brown sugar, no maple syrup in the batter. (All that sugar would have def made it trip into cake.) I also added an egg, because as legendary blues man was rumored to say “the secret to good cornbread is 2 eggs.”


The ingredient list clearly lists 1/2 cup 2 tbsp for both butter and maple syrup. In step 4 you are instructed to combine both and the final step is to brush the maple butter on the cornbread. Couldn’t be plainer.


I made this recipe not even a week following the Capital riot. I wanted comfort food and I was (clearly) unfocused. I'm writing to say you can screw up this recipe and it will still be delicious. I melted the butter and forgot to use it; I used two eggs instead of one; I didn't have buttermilk so I used 3/4 low fat sour cream with 1/4 cup milk; used 2/3 cup brown sugar (only), and the cornmeal was not finely ground. Still quite sweet - and delicious.


This definitely takes longer than 25-30 minutes to bake. After 35 minutes mine was still a gloppy mess in the middle.

Stephanie Thaw

This was delish. I veganized with flax seed for the egg, Myokos vegan butter and oatmilk. Light, fluffy and yummy


I only had a box of Trader Joe's corn bread mix and spiced pumpkin puree in my house when I decided to make this. I just added the baking soda, the egg, butter, buttermilk (well, I used whole milk plus ACV to curdle it) and half the maple syrup and it turned out amazing! And I thought 2 Tbsp each for the drizzle was too much, I'd do half next time. I also agree with famharris you don't need the parchment paper unless you're trying to display it like a cake.


I tried this and it was delicious, but a bit too sweet and dense. I baked it for at least 16-20 minutes longer than the recipe called for and there was still an uncooked part in the center. I will try it again with less sugar and maple syrup, and probably less butter. Using the maple syrup/melted butter as a drizzle only. Maybe try adding an egg as Rebecca T. suggested.


Agree with Anne about cooking time. Cornbread was COMPLETELY RAW except around the edges after 30 minutes in the oven, even though a tester came out completely clean. Returned it to the oven after I had cut into it for another 25 minutes. It looked messy as I had cut it apart but it was absolutely delicious! I do wonder if anyone tests the cooking times of some of these recipes


Delicious! Definitely more on the cakey side, but not mad about it. Following comments about sweetness, I omitted the brown sugar completely, and only used the maple syrup; also subbed full-fat greek yogurt for buttermilk. Turned out great! 30 minutes to cook was sufficient, which surprised me, because stuff not setting and being gooey in the middle its kind of my trademark, but this was fine in the cooking time prescribed. Success!


I have made this recipe for multiple thanksgivings and pot lucks and it is always a favorite! I also like to top with flaky salt after brushing with the maple butter. Definitely try this recipe!


This was delicious and company loved it. Made it as directed and yes, it was sweet but not overly so. Based upon comments, I baked it for 55-60 minutes and it came out perfect.


It's so, so delicious! I used a 1/3 cup of brown sugar. All else the same. The leftover maple/butter will be delicious in a hot toddy.


I found this to be surprisingly good. I completely omitted the sugar for a more savory cornbread- the maple syrup made it just sweet enough. I used egg whites, approximately 2, because I was out of eggs but swimming in whites from holiday baking that used egg yolks. Didn’t have pepitas so didn’t use them. This is all to say- this recipe is vey adaptable. Would have been delicious as a sweet corn bread as written, but adapts well to personal changes

Drew Francis

This is a dessert! I added a tablespoon of pumpkin to the maple syrup/butter glaze and that seemed very nice.

DF/GF sub

I subbed the buttermilk for almond milk w/ lemon and the regular flour with almond flour and it turned out lovely!


This turned out more like a pumpkin cake than a cornbread. I cut in half the sugar and maple and browned the butter. I would make it saltier and try a more coarse cornmeal. I could not taste the fine cornmeal.


Nice flavor, I will make it again. I used i/2 c brown sugar and 1T maple syrup to glaze, plenty sweet enough for us. I didn't have buttermilk so I subbed goat milk yogurt. It's a little wet, I will try to sub a little whole wheat flour for the white next time. I used medium grind cornmeal.


This was good but did not fully satisfy the craving for cornbread. It was more like a dessert. I cut the sugar in half and topped with sea salt. Next time, I’ll decrease the syrup and change the ratio of cornmeal to flour so that there is more cornmeal.


I didn't want Famous Dave's Autumn Cornbread, and from past experiences I know maple flavoring can be overpowering so I adjusted as follows:1/3 C Olive oil i/o butter1/2 C Greek yogurt i/o buttermilk1/2 tsp ginger1/2 C packed brown sugar1/4 C agave syrupCrumb isn't unlike pumpkin bread.Really good.


Phenomenally good. Can it be made gluten free?


Delicious but took an additional 20 minutes of cook time.


I followed everyone else’s suggestions: cut maple & brown sugar in half; reduced maple in glaze to 1tbsp but kept the butter as written.I used King Arthur gluten free all purpose flour, level cup (not by weight); Bob’s GF cornmeal.I added an egg to make up for less maple syrup liquid.My new/accurate-temperature electric oven at 365 degrees convection setting cooked it fully in 25min. (My old oven would certainly have taken longer, so maybe that’s the difference people are reporting.)


I substituted sweet potato purée for the pumpkin and it was delicious

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Pumpkin Maple Cornbread Recipe (2024)


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