10+ of the Best Zoom Writing Classes (2024)

​Find the best Zoom writing classes to give your writing a kick-start, if you need encouragement, creative writing exercises, to generate new material, or to share your writing for feedback. Experience virtual writing classes using Zoom to inspire the creative process and achieve your writing goals.

10+ of the Best Zoom Writing Classes (2)

​​So whether you're looking for a Zoom writing class, Zoom writing group, Zoom creative writing class, free Zoom creative writing class, or free Zoom writing workshop, the following list details free writing classes as well as those that require a fee.

​For writers of all genres wanting to study writing online with the support of a class, group or 1:1 session, here featured are 10+ of the best Zoom writing classes.

1. Zoom Classes – Gotham Writers

​Gotham Writers' Zoom Writing Classes "offer the same quality of instruction as our NYC classes" and aim to reproduce the classroom experience. Sessions take place on a weekly basis and class sizes are limited to 14 students.

Writing Courses:
With a wide variety of areas covered, whatever your chosen genre or specific area of writing you'd like to improve/learn more about, check out the following classes:




There are also classes for Professional Development; Comedy, Poetry and Song; and Teen classes.

Free Events
There are also free Zoom writing classes.

  • Write-In: A class every Friday where students use writing prompts to spark the imagination and creativity flowing.
  • Inside Writing: Gotham Writers' Zoom talkshow where every other Wednesday the show focuses on an area of writing and publishing, with guests giving specialized advice in their respective areas.
  • Find out more about these Free Events by Gotham Writers.


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10+ of the Best Zoom Writing Classes (4)

2. Unlocking Creativity Zoom – The Writers' Studio

This four-week online creative writing course by The Writers' Studio, a creative writing studio in Sydney, "is a totally practical yet inspirational creative process that will get you writing from the very first virtual class". The course takes place on Thursday evenings and aims to ensure students' writing improves dramatically, they learn how to structure a story while also experiencing being creative with other writers through live interactions.

The Unlocking Creativity Zoom online writing course is a standalone four-week introductory course, and is required before undertaking the Short Story courses and Novel & Script First Draft course – both of which are available to study in an online version.

If you enroll on to the Novel & Script First Draft course or Short Story courses first, students can access the Unlocking Creativity writing course for free.


3. Creative Writing Courses - The Writers' Company

​Regular creative writing classes online via Zoom covering a wide variety of writing topics and disciplines. These live weekly writing classes cover a different subject each day of the week via Zoom. Also, you can also book a manuscript assessment,one-to-one lessons, or mentoringwriting sessions.

Courses start in the autumn in September, and the current courses listed includeBook Writers Group,Coaching Circle,Exploring Fiction with Kate Worsley,Shorts For All,Monthly Monday Morning Poetry Workshop, and aBeginners Creative Writing course.


4. Creative Writing Workshops via Zoom - LA Writers Group

If you're looking for regular creative writing workshop via Zoom "based on writing prompts designed to increase creativity and help writers improve scene writing and storytelling skills", this course may benefit you.

The current live online Zoom workshops are a Saturday Fiction Workshop for writers of any genre writing fiction. A Your Story Matters nonfiction workshop that focuses on writing a memoir, journaling and self-improvement, which takes place every Sunday. And a Lazybones Writing Magic workshop that enhances motivation and creativity by combining mind-body exercies and writing exercises.

The LA Writers group aslo offer daily writing challenges and coaching programs


5. Zoom Writing Classes – Writers Grotto

​Led by the Writers Grotto, a community of writers based in the San Francisco Bay area offer many Zoom writing classes which run from between 5-8 sessions depending on which course you choose.

There are various 90-minute sessions led by one of the Grotto's talented and accomplished writers aimed to "get your creative energy flowing, generate new material bring old material up to snuff, and just make contact with the community of writers that is the Grotto, our teachers, and our students".

These Zoom writing workshops have received great reviews, which are led by expert writers and added on a regular basis, so check out their website link below for more information on all of Writers Grotto's upcoming classes and courses.


6. Creative Writing Courses on Zoom – Creative Writes​

​​Creative Writes is based in the UK and runs a variety of workshops and community collaborations online via Zoom as well as providing writing workshops in London.

"When lockdown hit in March 2020, we moved onlineand we have had the privilege of working with writers from across the globe.Aswe move forward, our programme will include in person and online workshops."

As per Creative Writes' website: we provide regular creative writingworkshops for adults, includingSpace to Write Mondays, Words & Wine evenings,Walk & Write Outdoor Workshopsand Masterclasses.

  • Space to Write Workshops each Monday afternoon on Zoom.
  • Words & Wine Workshop evenings areoffered monthly on Zoom and in person.
  • Walk & Write workshops are held in a variety of North London landmarks & outdoor green spaces, monthly at weekends.
  • Masterclasses (1:1 and 2:1) can be arranged at a time to suit you.

With no critique and no feedback, participantsare encouraged to write their thoughts and stories freely.


7. Westport Writers Workshops via Zoom​

​Established in 2003, Westport Writers offers workshops for all levels of writers whether a beginner or published. The friendly and supportive writing workshops aim to "encourage, inspire, and spark your imagination". With their guidance you can discover and hone "your unique writing talent and voice".

Currently, all of Westport Writers workshops are being offered via Zoom. Upcoming Zoom writing courses include My Lessons in Self-Publishing, Getting Your Book Published, Writing the Poetics of Place, Learn to Outline: How to Write a Novel and Not Lose Your Mind, Magic Realism - Writing the Unreal.

There are set start dates for the classes and they may be limited to a maximum number of students.


8. Writing To Learn Online Classes​

Writing to Learn is run by Jennifer Kimbrell, an IEW-accredited certified instructor (Institute for Excellence in Writing) who has been a teacher for 19 years.

Level 1 classes are for 7th grade and upwards. Level 2 for 8th grade and upwards. Level 3 for 9th grade and upwards.

Level 1 learning covers the "foundational structures for nonfiction and fiction writing". In Level 2 students move on to the "essential writing model". And Level 3 focuses on "sharpening and polishing their writing skills".

Classes meet every other week, and students have a nine-day writing schedule in between classes. All Writing to Learn classes, limited to 10 students per class, are currently available as online classes via Zoom.


  • Website: Writing to Learn (see the class schedule link for the online classes currently available).
  • See the cost details here.

9. The Original Writers Group Zoom Meetings

​The Original Writers Group "welcomes writers from all walks of life as the more varied your opinions, the richer the workshop experience".

Regular Zoom meetings are held every Tuesday from 7pm to 9pm (UK time). Whether you are a beginner writer or have a manuscript in progress, all are welcome.

With members including poets, novelists, scriptwriters and historians, there is a wide array of experience and writing interest covered here. So if you write books, short stories, poems or just have an idea you'd like to share and get feedback on, "this is the perfect place to workshop your writing".


10. The Writing Salon – Live Remote Meetings​

​Established in 1999, The Writing Salon foundations are based on Creativity, Community, Craft and Critique. Based in the San Francisco, whether your writing interest or preferred genre is fiction, poetry, nonfiction, screenwriting and playwriting, or writing for children or young adult, The Writing Salon have classes for all levels of writing experience.

Upcoming classes include Crafting a Short-Form Point of View Piece, Screenwriting Boot Camp, Selecting and Ordering Poems for Submission and Publishing, Daily Write Round Robin.

There are set start dates for the online writing classes by The Writing Salon, so check the link below to see the courses currently available.


Find Online Writing Events via Meet-Up

If you would like to find more online writing groups or events, either near you or anywhere (primarily UK and US), to engage and creatively interact online with other like-minded writers, enter your location on the Meet-Up find page to find the perfect class for you.

10+ of the Best Zoom Writing Classes (2024)


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